Website Development in London: How to Develop a Wonderful Site

As an expert with experience in website development in London, Magora create pixel-perfect websites and offer tips on different ways to generate traffic for your website and increase sales. Let us help you promote your business.

Expert Web Development Tips

You can exploit search engine optimization tactics and write useful content. You can create incredible designs and implement efficient functions. However, to give an impression to Google and our customers, we must combine these elements appropriately.

The design and development of websites is the main concern of many modern companies that want to establish a strong online presence to be the largest viewer of Internet users. Excellent web development experts, business analysts and designers in London have a list of suggestions to create the perfect business site. When reading and designing your commercial site, pay attention to the recommendations of the developers.

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Usability and Content

As Bill Gates says, "content is king", he is always in the world of online marketing. Therefore, make sure your content clicks with your customers and motivates them to buy your products and services. Another important aspect that pays attention is the usability of the website. Once visitors browse your site easily and find what they searched for within two years, they will have a great experience to improve customer relationships and build trust.

Visually Attractive Design

When visitors access their website for the first time, it is the design that pays attention first. Therefore, be careful to choose the best website development in London so that your site stands out from the competition and attracts customers. Do not ignore the appearance of your site, express your online business and give customers the first impression.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Network Integration

Search engine optimization improves site ranking in search engine search results. Especially aimed at niche users is efficient. The integration of social networks is one of the important functions to greatly improve the SEO of the website and ensure that the expert in London development is an expert in the development of this field. Providing your customers the opportunity to share content, follow their pages and join their social group is an excellent way to create their brands on social networks such as Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Attractive Color Scheme and Intuitive Interface

The style of the site and the colors used should reflect your brand identity. This should be the starting point to choose the color scheme of the site. If you are providing professional services, choose entertainments or fashion businesses to choose bright colors and create smart and moderate designs combined with visually beautiful schemes. Sophisticated navigation and the non-intuitive structure keeps visitors away, so you should take into account the ease of use and intuition of the interface, as well as the visual appeal. Please make efforts to make it easier, and remember. The user needs to see and understand what the purpose of all the elements is.

Security and Responsiveness

There are many threats to the Internet that protect websites such as viruses, hacker attacks, malicious programs, threats to servers and front-ends, etc. This is particularly important since many consumers prefer to buy today on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, in addition to ensuring security, we must also provide responsiveness to allow your site to respond to customer devices of various screen sizes.

Browser Compatibility and Customer Review

Despite the spread of smartphones, because there are many people who prefer to surf the Internet on their desktop, please make sure that the site is a different version and compatible with all major browsers. Using Google Analytics, you can see the browser to be used by visitors. Do not forget to give clients the opportunity to leave a review. If so, establish a trust in the brand, which leads to customers. People come to your website, you can share the opinion about your products with others, or to ask questions, maybe other people or to check what I wrote about you.

Domain Name and Hosting

Select the domain name of the website carefully, to reflect your brand and its products. The domain name is your area of ​​activity, Omoidebukaku, shows that it is accurate, so that the client is easy to remember when you want to visit your site again. Check if the spelling is correct, since it is difficult to remember to use a sophisticated word. Speaking of accommodation and cover your needs, please, looking for a service that meets the budget. Server with a backup function and advanced security is the best solution to put the long life cycle of the online platform in mind.

Can you Build a Business Site in WordPress?

As the popularity of CMS increases among companies, corporate clients are getting closer and closer to this problem. As a specialist in the development of websites based in London, I can say, that the program with open code covering one very important disadvantage - data safety. From the other side, its able to meet the specific needs of the business, even a simple one-page website of a large scale of freedom options and portal evolution that the built in WordPress are available in abundance, WP Web's excellent The development is Excellent. However, WP also has advantages. We have to Kudaseru a decision based on your information, I would like to talk about the pros and cons.

Benefits of the WordPress Website


Training - hundreds of thousands of video tutorials, articles, community, because there are other WordPress training sources, if the problem help is required and the WP site for development, you can find answers to the questions easily on the web. Is it Google?


Easy to use - WordPress is customizable features may not be very intuitive, but it is great with respect to the content audience. Editor is a very convenient and efficient, but useful elements, such as sub-header is not yet.


The available resources - WrodPress tool, is also the plug-in, and where additional resources, you can find what you need with ease. This, however, there are drawbacks - of very high quality. Many of the resources available on the Internet is bad, please carefully.


Integration of opportunities There is a lot of - Add a form, you can integrate the necessary add-ons, tools and other functions. Hundreds of WordPress integration tools there is a lot of plug-in directory to provide.

The customization options - there are unlimited themes, widgets, plug-ins, such as the type of emails, options to customize the appearance of your website. It also provides many APIs covering all aspects of WP development.


Disadvantages of the Development of the WordPress Website

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Several SEO options are available on this CMS site, but it is not enough to put the site on top of Google search results. There are several SEO add-ons, but unfortunately that functionality can not be compared with tools that can be used with different WordPress solutions.

  • Performance

    WordPress does not provide database and caching tools, but you can use the managed hosting service that provides this functionality. In other words, to ensure the stability and security of the website, create a website with full functionality with page caching, database optimization, log files and other important tools. Internationalization: WordPress explains how to internationalize various tools and themes, but can not integrate localized content. However, using WP Multilingual Plugin will make the work more fluid.

  • Security

    This CMS has improved approximately a quarter of all websites, so it will be the main target of hacker attacks. As mentioned earlier, managed hosting and topic updates can protect you from many problems, but again, you must pay for additional things. In this case, development experts in London advise creating a child theme. Continuous updating of the main theme may put the site at risk due to the issue of not being able to update.

  • Codebase

    WordPress theme has a wonderful design, but often lacks speed, customization options and optimization. In addition, WP themes and widgets are actually very poorly developed. While it is not doubtful, optimizing these ready-to-use solutions and trying to rewrite the code has to waste precious time. This is also a place where children's themes will help you enormously.

Create a Website with the London Web Development Expert

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