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Mobile solutions that transform the way you run your business: we are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper.We are a smartphone application developer company that is planning, coding and selling first class apps for companies.

How can I make Money with my Application?

When developing smartphone apps that focus on generating revenue, developers must know how to implement the technologies necessary to achieve this, and be familiar with the monetization strategy of the application. For example, you can launch basic apps with basic functions only for free and launch premium versions with extensions of $ 1 to $ 5 depending on the scope of the function. If you buy a free application, make sure the development team knows how to integrate CPC ads, paid subscriptions and internal apps.

  • Design. Our talented application design experts create a pleasant user interface and a fascinating user experience with native smartphone apps, custom business software and web-based solutions.
  • Development. With simple productivity tools and elaborate business maintenance systems, you can challenge projects of any complexity. Our application design company develops first class web backend services and develops high quality apps.
  • Deployment. Our experts ensure that your application goes through the Apple approval process. We will help you launch your smartphone or tablet application in the App Store so you can use it for a large number of users on iPhone and iPad. You can trust us to launch the application successfully and extend the customer base in a few days.
  • Marketing. Once the application is published in the App Store, we will create a complete mobile strategy to promote products and services online. There are several strategies for acquiring users, and it helps you select the best one for your business. Another important aspect that is considered is the monetization strategy. Check with options such as paid apps, premium version, in-app purchase, etc., and generate revenue within the application.

Advice on the use of Smartphone Application Developers

You must have a smartphone application in your business, otherwise you lack the largest audience of smartphone users who are willing to spend money on digital technology. Smartphones and tablets are an integral part of our daily lives. According to statistics, most smartphone users buy online in the native mobile application. Please imagine. Your smartphone app can be one of them.

Interview questions

If you think you're ready to enter the exciting smartphone retail industry, develop apps to sell products and services, or are ready to provide information about your business and other useful features, this company Please help me. Our smartphone experts have a list of questions to ask. Make it to the digital agency, this will help you find the perfect candidate for the job.

So, you have a great idea. It's time to find developers who can bring it to life. When looking for a design company to outsource your digital project, consider the following points.

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Ask if the programmer has worked on projects related to your industry. For example, if you manage to develop content management systems for large media companies, you can design similar products for your company.


We are glad, then some of our clients are publishing references. Therefore, if you can give us your feedback after the development, we would be very appreciate it as well.

Experience and Development Process

Developers must have a lean development process that includes quality assurance and continuous integration, and choose software development, agile, cascade or other methodological approaches based on customer requirements.

Project Management

Ask candidates if they will provide you with an experienced project manager and how often is he ready to communicate with you.

Familiar with Business

It is also important to program an Apple app in operation, but creating a complete smartphone solution that adds value to the business is a totally different task. The development team understands your business practices, needs and objectives, clearly understands how to make maximum use of the built Web solution and how to provide products that you pay for on your long-term account. There is a need If your company is a start-up company, make sure that the developer is behind the development of MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Development Cost

The hourly rate charged by the developer can not, in the end, directly designate the cost of the entire project, since the price is defined by many other factors. For example, an experienced development team will charge more, but it will work faster, but developers with lower hourly prices will develop products and ultimately pay even more. Another important thing is that you can not make money while the developer is working on the project, but it is better to choose a digital agency that adopts the agile approach to provide products that can be sent in a short period of time.

If you have other questions about choosing a mobile device developer, contact us and do not hesitate to contact us. Please, feel free to contact us.

Can I have a Look at the Portfolio?

Trusted developers provide case studies of projects that you have provided over time and projects that at least participated in your life, and when you look at Apple's App Store, Android's Google Play store, and other major market projects of mobile apps. Do not ignore this procedure, because you can determine if you have enough experience and skills to design the type of application you hope to offer.

Can you Give a Name of the Client you were Working on?

Unfortunately, just looking at the developer's portfolio, I do not know who actually built all of these apps. Getting in touch with current and former customers of digital companies is a good way to know if they really work in a project and ask questions about the experience that the client has collaborated with developers. You can also review comments and customer testimonials. Can understand the reliability, experience and diligence of the candidate. For example, it is a good idea to ask if you are within budget, if you have provided the final product within the time limit or if there was a problem during development.

Verify information

But keep in mind that many developers are providing customer contacts with positive references that convince them. To avoid this trap, access the developer's LinkedIn profile to see if a colleague, previous or known colleague is in common contact. If you find someone, please write a message or call and ask about the professional ethics, skill and reliability of the candidate.

What Smartphone Models are there?

The answer to this question can reveal how well candidates know about mobile operating systems and how passionate their skills are. If you say that the developer you have interviewed focuses on the development of Android, you can use the software you created, but you also like to use the application developed by leading industry experts We are watching closely the tendency to adopt the function. The same applies to the iPhone.

We offer purchases and other e-commerce functions.

How do you Communicate in the Development Process?

The success of the whole company depends to a large extent on the frequency with which we discuss the details of the project and the clarity with which we communicate the requirements to the developers. Ask the candidates to meet directly, through Skype chat, the phone, the messenger, the email, the chat and how often to talk about the progress with the clients. Are you using a popular project management system to communicate with you? How often will you let me know the progress of the project?

Can you Integrate Unique and Creative Features in my Application?

To stand out from the competition, the application has some really unique, attractive and useful features to attract new users. Consider the functionality and technology that can help you with this job and ask if you can implement it in the development team. For example, ask if you can add social network sharing, QR code scanner, 3D technology, e-commerce elements to your application.

Who has the Right of the Intellectual Property?

Normally, intellectual property rights belong to a company or individual that pays for the development of the application. To ensure that you acquire all rights to the developed product, ask developers to sign a "Work for Employment" contract or another document that specifies the property. He says that he not only acquired the source code, the design, the content, but also the confidentiality.


How can I Test the App and Send it to the App Store?

Several developers are the best way to test the application is to implement the application on the device where it is used. However, ask the candidate for a more detailed explanation of how to run the beta test to eliminate all errors and defects. How do the developers solve the errors found and how long will it take? After the product is subjected to rigorous testing, it will be sent to the store for approval. Every professional developer needs to know how to guarantee the approval and know all the steps of the complex process of sending the application.

How Long have you been Involved?

First, we will consider whether we will pay a programming fee or whether we will pay a fixed fee for the development project. As a general rule, most designers want customers to precede their down payment. Other development companies will request deposits at the beginning of the process that can represent half of the total cost of the project and pay the rest once the final product is completed. The cost of developing a smartphone app increases from several tousand dollars to several million depending on the unit price per hour of the developer and the function you want to integrate. Many development agencies provide cost estimation services to deliver documents in their own right, including all the factors and risks of defining specified costs, but even such documents can provide only the approximate cost of a project. .

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