Questions to be asked before selecting the app developer

Are you planning to hire an app developer? Here is a list of questions you should ask to select the best app developers for your business:

Can I see some apps which you have developed earlier?

It is necessary to check their portfolio and the apps on which they have worked earlier. Checking their previous work gives you an idea about the type of services. Don’t just glance at their apps, go through them properly and check each and every detail of the app. Check the following points in the apps:
  • App’s functionality
  • Features of the app
  • Customer support
  • User interface and how easy it is to use

Who will upload the app on app stores and who will handle the app updates?

It’s not about only developing app, it’s about developing app as well as providing other services also. It is necessary to maintain the app after development. Once the app is developed, it is necessary to upload it on various app stores, it is the duty of the developer to upload the app on various app stores. Even after uploading the app, it is necessary to keep the app updating and making required changes regularly. So, ask the developer that who is going to take care of releasing the updates of the app.

Who will test the app?

Once the app is developed it is necessary to test the app before releasing it to app stores. You don’t have to test the app. The app developers have a team of testers who will check the working of the app. Their duty is to find out the glitches in the app and solve them before submitting the app to the app stores. So, ask them who will test the app.

What is the preferred mode of communication with you?

Once the app is developed and published, your relation with the app developer doesn’t come to an end. You will have to contact them regularly. Many times this relation break downs due to lack of communication. So select a preferred mode of communication which both of you can use in future.

Who will be the owner of the app?

You have purchased the app from developer, hence you are the owner of the app, and still it is necessary to ask questions about copyright of the app, confidentiality, rights to update the app and ownership of the app.
Ask as many as questions you can ask from them. Make the things clear in the starting only so that there are no confusions later. Select the best app developer from the app developers available in market and these questions will help you in selecting the best one.