Our Cases


A price monitoring app

Our task was to build a web application that will track Minimum Advertised and Universal Prices, retail channels strategies, and brand perception throughout the web. We build a program that provides daily online coverage of stock keeping unit level activity, monitors authorised and unauthorised dealers, and discovers distribution leaks. This app helps our customer to monitor price compliance and reduce channels pricing conflict. The program also enables custom reporting functionality, data import/export, archiving, and create dealer database. Type: Web app Technologies: CodeIgniter, PHPExcel, Semantics3 API, jQuery, Bootstrap, DHTMLX, jQuery UI, Raphael

Golf Course

A golf coaching app

Our customer, a professional golf player and coach, came to our programmers with a purpose of development an educational mobile application for golf lovers to create a better interaction between golf amateurs and their coaches. The app provides video tutorials with warming-up activity, workouts, and golf fixes, and opportunity to communicate with a professional golf play asking for advice or scheduling a meeting for practising. The app implies two types of subscription where free one provides limited content with workouts only, while paid subscription offers access to the whole content. Type: Mobile app (iOS) Technologies: ASP.NET WebAPI 2, MS SQL Server, REST API, Facebook API, Twitter API, Google API, Objective-C


A web app to calculate and view business value

Every company has a set of metrics that illustrate the business value, and our client approached us to build a web solution which will be a helpful tool in calculating business value changes for better decision-making. We built a program that will be a handy tool for business owners and top managers providing a better picture of the overall business activity. The service is based on some input data which is analysed and displayed in specific metrics and graphics: payback period, NPV, ROI and others. All the data is calculated by author’s algorithm which present the results in a graphical format simplifying the analysis of the company activity with key performance indicators. Type: Web app Technologies: PHP, Yii2, MySQL, Stylus, Less, Gulp

Check Mark

Traders tool to manage their responsibilities

Once our development team has a project dedicated to the creation of a handy app for traders to optimise their responsibilities and goals management. The app provides a tool that helps to simplifies a range of processes including evaluations, decision-making, and recording. The program helps individual traders to adjust to the busy life tempo letting them check, edit, and execute common tasks and not keep them all in mind but have them displayed on the screen in an user-friendly manner. The web app has an adaptive design letting users to run it on mobile devices as well. Type: Web app Technologies: MySQL, MS SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX

Peace of Mind

A healthcare app for depression fighting

Our customer came up with an idea to build a web tool based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Our task was to create an app which relies on cient’s therapy methods and make it responsive and adaptive so that it could look and perform perfectly well on all types of the devices whether they are desktop or mobile. We built an intuitive self-help application that lets users to track their thoughts and feelings and learn to challenge stressful thinking. The screening test enables monitoring of depression severity and retraining the brain. Type: Web app Technologies: PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, SPA

Hashtag Research

An application for monitoring and analysing hashtag significance

Our customer wanted to create an app that can become a powerful tool in hands of marketing professionals. The idea of the app was to created automated sampling of tweets related to a particular hashtag and enable generated analytics on this data. The app helps to determine top hashtags and URLs and based on this data identify the content which audience responds to. Additionally, it lets to figure out who amplifies a content and helps marketers to analyse Twitter campaigns and select the one with the greatest impact. Type: Web app Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Yii2 framework