Apps for social media

The purpose of social media presence is to brand you, your business and build trust. While it is necessary to build a good presence on Facebook platform, this not the place to sell your goods and services.
The platform is to build your list using your friends on-line and off-line which can help increase profit. Your list is not your asset. The relationship you enjoy with your list is the real asset. And with the explosion of Smart Phone apps building a great relationship is simple and easy. One golden key for communication is to get a good Smart Phone app that delivers quality results when accessed via the phone.
The intent must be to create awareness locally as well as nationally or internationally depending upon your market niche. Think about this; when a person contacts you about befriending you on your page, Facebook admin will ask you if you know this person. This platform is not about on-line marketing as much as it is about building a reputation.
Reputation management is another key facet of on-line marketing that plays a significant role in the size of your bank account. When building Facebook or any other media site for business purposes, it’s wise to leave your political and religious agenda off your page, unless you want only your followers to have the same political and religious mindset.
If you would like to grow your business to reach-out to other people who are not in your immediate network then beware of what you post. Complaining or commenting about negative will lead to UN-friending the people you have worked so very hard to connect with, as well as label you as someone who is not reliable or trustworthy in your field of work. It’s about perception!
Watch your Facebook page daily to see who is posting and content posted. It’s simple to delete posts you find undesirable just by logging in and adjusting your comments. Keep your business page on your business topic. It’s bottom line suicide to post personal photo’s of you or your staff in blue jeans and t-shirts, if you want to create a professional perception. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, has great wisdom about how to dress for success. Not all business owners wear shirts, ties, suits, and pantyhose, but the successful business owners certainly must require a dress code. If the dress code is blue jeans, keep jeans, shirts and shoes clean and crisp looking. Is your hair neat, well-kept and clean in appearance? A picture is worth a thousand words still holds true.
Does your Facebook business page need a make-over? People who are looking for your products and services may Google Facebook “Your Name” before they choose between you and your competition.
If you Googled your Facebook page, would you do business with you? Social Media Marketing is critical. A good business management strategy is to assign an employee or to out-source this out-reach to your customers and prospects.