Apple App Development: Starting to Create iOS Software

Our IT company often receives client approaches that ask if it is possible to build iOS applications without any coding experience. They do not know where to start, what programming language to learn and what tool to use. When beginning the development of iOS, we presented this guide and decided to make life easier for all those who enter the world of app design.

Where do I start?

Learning the basics of iOS programing has two main parts: coding and learning from Apple's development environment. If you are a beginner in programming, you should start by learning the programming language Objective-C or Swift in the case of creating an app for iPhone or iPad. If you are familiar with programming languages, you should be familiar with the iOS development environment, the tools, the techniques and the Apple Developer Guidelines. As you can see, Apple is famous for its tough approval process. Therefore, it is better to know what you can and can not do before proceeding with the actual coding.

Programming language for mobile development

  • Objective-C is the main programming language of iOS. It is very similar to C ++, but it also has specific functions for graphics, screen and input / output.
  • Swift describes the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch code, which is Apple's latest API.
  • HTML5 is ideal for front-end web applications for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Java is the most used programming language. The advantage of Java is that it can be run on search engines or virtual machines that do not require a browser. This flexibility is very useful for code reuse and software updates.

Learn the basics of Apple app development

Here we will present the basic concepts of iOS app design, the coding environment, Apple guidelines and we will provide some links to help you learn other useful tools. Techniques for iPhone development.

iOS development tool

The main tool for the creation of iOS and Mac applications is the integrated development environment of Xcode. You can download it for free on the official Apple website. Xcode is a set of IT tools with a graphical interface that developers use to write applications. There is everything you need to create applications for each version of iOS using Apple's advanced Swift coding language. In addition, Xcode is only compatible with Mac computers running OS X, so be sure to check it before you begin.

iOS app development tutorial

Even though Apple intends to spread Swift, you can choose from several programming languages, including Objective-C. Our team prepared a list of resources, videos, tutorials, articles and guides that will help you choose a programming language and understand the essential aspects of iOS app development.

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Start Developing Applications for iOS (Swift)

First, start the official official tutorial at Apple. In this tutorial we will show you how to create simple applications with Xcode and explain all the steps from the configuration of the environment to the creation of the architecture of the app, the implementation of several functions and the sending to the App Store.

Apple Developer Video

Here you can see the video that presents the new iOS devices, but you can also watch the video of the World Apple Developer Conference (WWDC). From this video, you can learn a lot of valuable information about iOS. In addition to teaching how to use the core set of iOS development tools, you can get information from various industries.

Introducing Swift

Swift, Apple's advanced language can be used to encode macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS applications. It should be an easier and more intuitive version of Objective-C, so if you're an absolute beginner, you can start with Swift. On the other hand, it is similar to the classic Objective - C language, so choose what your decision is.

iOS 10 SDK and new API

Apple provides a series of APIs for developers to access Message, Siri, Phone, Maps, Touch ID, If you want to create a feature-rich and efficient app that uses the full ghost of iOS technology , you must know the characteristics of the API.

Ray Wenderlich's iPhone Tutorial

Ray Wenderlich's tutorial is a great source for those who want to make games. However, its tutorial is not limited to the development of games, and even if the project is a highly productive app, you can find something useful for instruments such as Objective-C, Swift, etc.

Try the iOS Development Tutorial with the Code School

This guide is a free class of code school, an excellent introduction to iOS programming.

Development course for iOS 7 applications for the iPhone and iPad from Stanford University: Fortunately, Stanford University has launched a free course on creating applications for iPhone and iPad. It's an iOS 7 story, but you should not worry because later versions of iOS mobile operating system inherit the most important predominant functions. Anyway, you must solve the iOS 7 course until Stamford decides to update the class to catch up with the times.

Having read these tutorials and guides, you will set up a basic set of iOS development tools and will understand how to make something in the iOS environment.

App Store Review Guidelines

Apple has very strict revision guidelines and many applications can not comply with it. Apple has established incredibly high standards of applications published in its App Store. You can find it here. Smartphone and Apple tablet To make the app available to a large number of users, if you do not have time to study the guidelines, and you can spend effort.

Why is the App Rejected?

There is no doubt that Apple app development goal is to create and promote the app in the App Store for millions of people. But before iOS experts do so, the software must be reviewed by Apple experts. You can check and get more information about that topic) and the functionality. So do not waste your time: check Apple's review guidelines and read carefully. Another reference material deals with the general reasons why an app is rejected. You can find it here. In summary, the main reasons are errors, broken links, unauthorized information and advertisements. Another reason why the request is rejected is the explicit or political content.

Many iOS APIs have their own revision guidelines. Therefore, do not forget to check the revision guidelines when integrating the app with Siri or Touch ID.

App extension

Since Apple is paying attention even to minimal nuances, make sure that the app complies with all the details set out in the guidelines. If you notice that you deviated from the standard, the risk of not approving your app is almost 100%.


iOS Design

Apple not only has a strict approval process but also design and interface guidelines that set the standards for the visual elements of the app. Apple is concerned about many things about a consistent iOS app. This does not necessarily imply a good design, but it does encourage developers to use specific elements of the user interface. If you do not understand the meaning, see the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. You can see what the app looks like and its icon.

iPhone design tips

If you do not have time to read the full complete guidelines, you can check the short version, the user interface design interaction list. But do not worry, Apple will also tell you how to create a visually appealing app. These iOS guidelines provide some tips on how to make your design look beautiful. And do not forget that you have complete Internet with your hands. There are many tutorials and design tools.

Create your Own App

In summary, there is everything that Xcode needs to know about the development of an iOS app. If you want to know the development environment of Apple, you can be sure that you are ready to develop your own app. Of course, you face the aspect that you must find an answer along the way, but the sources mentioned above will help you get started. I wish you luck and a happy trip to the world of software development.

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