Agile Software Development Methodologies

We are an application development company, who creates apps for mobile and desktop devices. We offers high quality app creation and are working based on agile software development processes. After more than five years of programming experience for small business intrepreners and large companies, our developers and talented team of designers have worked out, that Agile is one of the most resultative way for software development. It works good for B2B solution, helping to increase revenue streams, increase productivity and improve customer engagement for our clients. Our bespoke app development company offers to create unique programms, combining the latest technology features with agile methods.

Working by Agile

Our company specializes in IT development for any size and industry in any industry. Whether it's mobile or web development, our programmers can turn all ideas into life and ensure you get a high quality software solution which meets your business goals and personal needs in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

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Custom software development

Our software company offers customized solutions to achieve your vision of the future and meet the needs of your company. When developers create software products for you, they will carefully study your target audience and conduct market research. The data we collect is taken into consideration during the agile process to ensure that our team offers an economical application for you. We do our best to help your business stand out in a competitive environment. Extensive experience and agile methods help us provide a fully tailored solution meets your specific needs. Read more.

Mobile applications

Mobile Internet consumption continues to grow, opening the door to many business opportunities. And mobile development company welcomes potential entrepreneurs who want to take business to a new level and attract global potential customers. Mobile developers like to be familiar with your thoughts and help you turn them into real applications. We work with you to use this model of project management to develop incredible mobile applications that let your business get real value. The understanding of mobile technology and IT fieldwork experience allows us to shape your application based on your ideas. The team works with all major platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Window
Web design and development

Our network of organizations has created impressive web applications which emphasize powerful features and attractive, intuitive design. User-centric interface, clean and secure code, good architecture - all these components take your business to success. You can easily share with you your challenging ideas because we can carry out your team. Our web designers can create measurable impressions online for you, or create an efficient tool which improves efficiency and streamlines your workflow. Even if you just want to know what you want to develop but you can clearly understand the desirable results, the team can help you understand technical insight, rich experience, agile skills and methods to create a business that fits your business. The purpose of the tool. Web developers use a variety of programming languages:

  • CCS3
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • Python
  • PHP and so on


Our team has developed software for about five years, and now we have an established development process with flexible process management capabilities to ensure bottom line results exceed your expectations.

Determination of the basic objectives

First, project manager negotiates with you to determine your business goals and the ideal results you want to achieve with company programs. We analyze the results of our conversations and determine the app creation time and cost based on what we are developing. Developers will not hide their stuff. Our process is transparent to you. We also run market research and analyze your target audience by providing helpful advice to make your IT infrastructure only better. Finally, team is actively working with you to identify the key functions we will implement in the first Sprint of our agile development process.

MVP creation

Once we determine the scope of the software we are building, we will create a team that will develop the project. Agile development team can see the initial goals and consider how to develop in the process and choose their expertise to enable programmers and designers to work with your project. These people are your team. They analyze their layout, functionality, and navigation requirements, and model the initial architecture and design of the work program, which we call MVP or the smallest possible product with basic functionality. We invite you to provide feedback on this program, at this stage you will have a brilliant visual idea to understand what you will end up doing. Software engineers have identified the strategy and direction. You tell us about your preferences for MVP and what you want to change, our project manager set up a new task for your team.

End product and testing

Once developers have created an MVP, we will change their design and functionality and development strategies based on their feedback, delivering continuous results in the iterative creation cycle, improving your IT tools to ensure your project meets your needs and changing business requirements. Since our team introduced the first work program, we performed many QA and UX tests to provide high quality products not only good results but also a beautiful appearance and have an intuitive user interface. Whenever software developers add new features and make some improvements, we will repeat the tests to ensure that these changes are implemented seamlessly and only improve the customer experience. Finally, using this agile method, we get a usable, powerful and easy-to-use software solution that has a compelling interface.

What is scram-based software development?

Let's define the concept of "agility" to describe what we mean when we use it to develop software products. Agile in IT industry refers to the inclusion of Scrum, Crystal, XP and other methods of general terms. There are four major priorities at the center:

  • Personal and interactive value is not just the process and tools;
  • Work software is more important than a comprehensive document;
  • Contract negotiations are not enough; customers should be involved in this process;
  • Blindly follow the plan, rather than respond quickly to change.

In short, agile methods provide iterative app construction that leaves room for changing strategies to change needs and satisfy their path. An important part of agile implementation is that it means self-organized inter-functional teams and business people, including regular meetings that can only be held in rigorous project management. Agile Development is supported by the major software development agencies.

Agile Scrum Methodology

With respect to agile methods, we are most commonly used in the Scrum approach, which is one of the agile project management frameworks. In other words, in the case of Scrum, this is a set of practices consistent with that particular framework, which involves Sprints, two-weeks cycles. Scrum becomes one of the most common agile methods because it is simple, time-tested and can be used in conjunction with other practices. In Scrum Sprints, typically no more than 30 days, multifunction teams deliver results to customers for future review and analysis. Then the developer and the client along with the next Sprint should be reached after the new goal, be it in function or something else. This process is very convenient to adapt to rapidly changing needs and achieve changing business objectives. Until the customer is completely satisfied with the results so far, will be repeated sprint. Scrum is a perfect agile way to improve the speed of the solution and maintain the high quality of the software product.

Agile versus Waterfall

While agile methods mean a complex process in dealing with all aspects. Waterfalls are a linear approach, meaning that from planning through design to the different stages of coding and developing the team only in the last step to start a new development stage. It is impossible to say something better, because all are suitable for different situations.

There are two main categories of projects:

  • The first, everything is structured and consistent, and sometimes even in the SRS (specification of software requirements) is also true In this case, we recommend to work according to the method of the waterfall.
  • The second, when you have a short idea and many features that must be tested by market tests, some changes must be implemented in the development process for the software, and the final solution will represent the market. In this case agile methods are more preferred agile methods.

Why do we use agile methods?

Agile development allows the development team to change the direction of the project throughout the development lifecycle. This opportunity can be achieved through the iterative process, which means that the repetition of the work cycle so that we can gradually realize the application of new resources and therefore through the way of making some improvements. It can be reconsidered and reassessed functionality to designate aspects throughout the software development lifecycle. Significantly reduces development costs and time to market. The key is that before the release, the developer in the development process continued to optimize software and led to the creation of a competitive product.

Benefits of sprint-based development

For developers to provide a lightweight framework - to create more efficient software time:

  • Rapid response to changing needs throughout the development process and improvement of the project's development capacity to answer the changable objectives;
  • Reduce overall risk;
  • Fast delivery combined with high quality.

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