About BBD

BBD is a Manchester-based software development company which works with businesses who outsource our services to create a memorable digital experience whether it is a web or a mobile product development. We help our customers to solve problems and confront business challenges with innovative information technologies. Our experience in the IT industry provides us with an understanding of what makes users respond to and how to get them engaged.

We Build Bespoke Solutions

Every our customer had unique needs requiring a tailor-made solution. We base our bespoke app development services on the idea of delivering value-driven applications that not just meet but exceed your expectations. We employ the latest technologies to enable the realisation of any app idea and achieve the highest standards. We bring expertise and excellence in our services ensuring operational efficiency. Every app we develop has its own team headed by a project manager who keeps you informed about progress status and translate your needs into developers’ tasks. We rely on your feedback at every stage of the app creation. Such approach to the app development let us deliver highly customised solutions.

We Innovate

We prefer to discover tomorrow’s technologies today to be able to help our customers to stand out from their competitors. We keep to a forward-looking way of thinking to stay ahead of other development companies in IT industry. Our team continuously explores and learns cutting-edge tools and techniques so that we could implement them in the development process providing top-notch applications. We help to bring innovations in our everyday life, and this is what we really love about app development.